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Film Transfer (DVD & USB)

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All film transfer captures are performed in High Definition (HD) by our experienced film technician using the professional Australian designed Cine-TranzPRO film transfer system to produce outstanding flicker-free results. The image quality produced by Cine-TranzPRO telecine is on par with frame-by-frame image capture systems. If your film has a soundtrack, the Cine-TranzPRO system digitally captures the sound in real time keeping it in-sync with the visual footage.

Supported film formats:

  • Standard 8mm Film
  • Super8 Film
  • 16mm Film
  • 9.5mm Film

How to identify your film:

8mm film is traditionally spooled onto 50ft (3 inch diameter), 200ft (5 inch diameter) or 400ft (7 inch diameter) reels. After processing, the 50ft reels were usually placed in small round plastic cannisters and mailed in soft envelopes. They also were mailed in small square cardboard boxes. Larger reels of film were plastic or metal with markings on the spokes to indicate the amount of film (in feet) contained on the reel. 16mm film was generally spooled onto the larger sized reels.

The chart below gives an indication of each film format:

Film Formats

Transfer Services Available - STANDARD & DELUXE:

  • STANDARD (Economy) capture - no cleaning, no colour enhancment, no post-editing or DVD production, capture supplied in mp4 format on your supplied USB drive.
  • DELUXE - full professional capture service (recommended - see details below)


DELUXE (FILM) – inclusions:

Our film transfer service is provided at DELUXE level (includes advanced post-production editing features):

film reelarrowcomputerarrowDVD caseDVD

  • Your small film reels are carefully cleaned, spliced and re-spooled onto a 400ft prep reel prior to transfer. On your larger reels any pre-existing splicing is checked and repaired where necessary (maximum of 8 free splices per reel). Often these splices were made upwards of 40 years ago and over time have deteriorated and no longer hold film together.

  • Digital capture of your original film is performed using the Cine-TranzPRO system incorporating a high quality 3CCD broadcast quality High Definition (HD) video camera. The image quality produced by Cine-TranzPRO telecine is on par with frame-by-frame image capture systems. The soundtrack (if present) this will also be digitally captured by this system (extra fee applies).

  • Captured footage is then edited scene by scene to remove any gaps, blanks or seriously damaged sections, then colour balanced (as required).

  • Inclusion of royalty free backing music track (for silent films). Our backing tracks are tastefully selected to complement your footage. 

  • The DVD option features an enhanced personalised opening menu, featuring your own images and customised chapter/s.

  • DVD supplied in hard case with colour printed cover.




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Prefer to do your own editing?

We also offer a DIY Editor package for those wishing to perform their own editing, click on Other Services for more information.

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