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Any combination of images, video and film can be incorporated into a special documentary-style DVD presentation for 21st’s, Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays, Memorial Services and other special events. Interviews can also be filmed in-situ. 
An Express service can be requested for Memorial compilations.




video editorIf you prefer to edit your film clips on your own computer, we can simply capture your film directly to mp4 file format. Your film will be cleaned by hand prior to capture, but there is no post-editing performed. Your film will be captured straight off the reel as is. Depending on the quantity of film and file sizes, you may need to provide us with an external USB hard disk drive with sufficient capacity for the storage and delivery of your transfer. Alternatively we can source and supply this drive for you, if preferred (additional costs will apply).


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  1. You supply us with an external USB hard drive along with your film to be captured.
  2. We clean your film and capture in HD directly onto your hard drive in mp4 format.
  3. Once you have the mp4 file/s back at home, simply plug your USB drive back into your computer.
  4. You will require specialised Video Editing software on your computer to edit and trim your .mp4 clip/s. You will need to source and purchase this software independently, we can provide recommendations.



DVDIt is always a good idea for you to keep a backup copy of your DVD at another location.  Plus you may require additional copies to give as gifts.  We can supply additional copies of your DVD transfer. Each copy is identical to your original DVD - colour printed and presented in a hard case with graphically designed sleeve insert.      





Aging video tapes can often be affected by mold, particularly in high humidity environments like the sub-tropics.
Mold appears as a white deposit on the spooled tape and inside the cartridge housing (see photo below left).

Moldy Tape

Cleaned Tape

Moldy tapes cannot be played in our high-end transfer systems, as they would damage the sensitive electronics and possibly cause further damage to the surface of your tape.  Plus the mold spores present an airbourne health hazard. The playback quality of the tapes can be physically affected, but we cannot tell to what extent without being able to play the tape. 

We offer a cleaning service for VHS tapes that can get rid of dust, mold and built-up static. This involves dismantling the tape cartridge to clean the internal housing plus a thorough clean of the tape surface. The results in a significantly freshened tape, ready for the transfer process (see photo above right)

We recommend that you carefully consider the emotional value of the affected tapes content, as our pricing reflects the extra time and materials involved to perform a thorough cleaning service. If it is an important memory to you, then it is worth investing in. Bear in mind, even after cleaning there is no guarantee on the quality of the recorded material on your tape, but at least we can perform the transfer. Please take into consideration that you will need to add on the transfer cost once the tape has been cleaned.





DVDreel to reel

We offer a digital transfer service for Audio recordings in either CASSETTE or REEL TO REEL format.

The recorded content is digitally transferred in standard CD format (for playback on regular CD players). One CD can hold up to 80 minutes of recordings. Alternatively we can supply recorded content in .mp3 format (compatible with most modern stereo systems, iPods and other portable digital music players).

NOTE: Only home recorded or non-commercial recordings can be transferred, any tapes covered by copyright cannot be transferred without written consent from the original copyright owner.



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