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The chart below provides an overview of pricing on our full range of transfer services.
A confirmed obligation-free quotation is provided for your approval once we have assessed the size and lengths of your supplied media.

Note: Pricing to USB digital format (mp4) is the same as pricing to DVD format.
You need to supply USB hard disk drive for file storage when checking in your tapes, (or we can supply) and add cost to your quote.
(USB Hard disks drives preferred to memory sticks, as they have higher storage capacity, are more reliable and faster file transfer rates)
Approximately 1 hour of video = 4GB mp4 file.

Our services are available in two popular package levels:

  • DELUXE (advanced features)

A helpful pop-up window listing the inclusions at each level, can be viewed by clicking on the media type icon below:

Video package inclusionsFilm package inclusionsSlide & Photo package inclusions
Please refer to our Minimum Order Requirements in the lower section of this page.  




VIDEO TAPESVideo package inclusions




$28 per tape (flat rate)
(for tapes with a maximum of 2 hours recorded)

For tapes longer than 2 hours, please add $14 for each additional hour of video (or part thereof)*

Discounted price may apply if multiple shorter tapes can be combined on same DVD:
Less than 15 mins $14
Less than 30 mins $20
(up to a maximum of three short tapes per DVD)

All tapes over 30 minutes will be transferred onto a separate DVD by default (standard per tape pricing applies)










$35 per tape
(tapes with a maximum of 2 hours recorded)

For tapes longer than 2 hours, please add $17.50 for each additional hour of video (or part thereof)*




FILM REELS Film package inclusions

$19 per 50ft reel with full post production editing - (additional fees may apply - see note #)


$14 per 50ft reel budget capture, no editing - (additional fees may apply - see note #)


Deluxe (with Post Production Edits)
$0.38 cents per foot

8mm (Standard8 & Super8)

Budget (with no-edits)
$0.28 cents per foot


16mm film

$25 per 50ft per reel - (additional fees may apply - see note #)

Deluxe Only $0.50 cents per foot#

9.5mm film

$25 per 50ft per reel - (additional fees may apply - see note #)

Deluxe Only $0.50 cents per foot#


SLIDES & PHOTOS Slide & Photo package inclusions



35mm slides

$1.90 per slide - minimum order $50


Instamatic 126 slides

$1.90 per slide - minimum order $50


35mm negatives (in filmstrip)

$1.90 per image - minimum order $50


All other negatives

$1.90 per image - minimum order $50


Photograph prints

$1.90 per photo - minimum order $50





DVD Slideshow

Using your scans, we create a simple DVD slideshow with smooth transistions, royalty free music and basic menu (max. 100 images).
Scanning fee extra (see above)

Fully customised presentation using your scans



OTHER SERVICES Details on Other Services


Mixed Media

POA (price on application)

DIY Editor (mp4 file capture only)

Videotape to mp4 - $28 per tape (includes first 2 hours of video) plus $14 per additional hour, or part, thereafter.

Super8mm/8mm Film to mp4 (no edits) - $0.28 cents per foot (minimum order $30)

Extra copies of your DVD $14 per DVD (inc. hard case, full colour graphics & printed DVD).
Tape Cleaning (VHS only) From $15-$25 per tape (inc. internal cartridge housing & tape surfaces) - final pricing dependent of level of mould infection upon our inspection, bulk cleaning discounts available

Audio Cassette &
Reel to Reel Tape Transfer

Audio Cassette: $45 transfer fee per tape cassette (up to 80 minutes CD capacity) plus $15 if extra CD required (recorded from same cassette). Produced in Audio CD format.

Reel to Reel Audio: $45-$90 transfer fee per reel (dependent on reel size and recording speed). Produced in Audio CD format. Direct transfer only, excludes editing. Minimum charge $45 per reel.



 australia post

Registered Post

$15 (for up to 3 video cassettes/film reels)

Each additional video cassette/film reel

$2.50 per video tape/film reel



  • Business and personal cheques
  • Direct Bank deposit
  • Bank cheque, Australian Money Order
  • PayPal (via Visa and Master Card) - no merchant card facilities
  • International payments are by PayPal only.

* In order to retain the highest image quality possible the maximum amount video for a single DVD = 2 hours (120 min). Any video over this length recorded on the same tape will need to be spanned to additional DVD/s.
For NTSC tapes please add $5 per tape.
# An additional $30 set-up fee is applied to all orders totalling less than 300ft. (Note: this set-up fee is waived on all orders over 300ft).
For Film with sound add $0.15 per foot




Video Tapes

Video to DVDThere is a $28 minimum order requirement for video to DVD and .mp4 transfers.  Tapes of differing video formats can be accepted in the same order: e.g. 1 X VHS-C and 1 x Hi8.

We always check longer tapes for unwanted content at end of tape (such as TV) and do not include this in the estimated recording length in your quote. 


Film Reels
Fim to DVD
Thereis no mimimum order requirement for film transfers, but orders of less than 300ft of film (e.g. fewer than six 50ft reels), attract an additional Set-Up fee. This fee applies to both DVD and mp4 transfer orders. Note: This fee is waived on all orders of 300ft or more. Please contact us for more details.




Slides, Filmstrips & Photo prints

Slides/Negatives & Photos to DVDWe have a minimum order of $30 on all slide, photo or negative scanning.  
Mixed media DVD's can be custom priced for you, please contact us for details.


Please visit our FAQ page to find out how easy it is to place your order with us.




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