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Slides/Negatives/Photos to DVD Transfer

35mm slides
negative filmstrips
slides & photos

Supported image formats:

  • 35mm & Instamatic 126 Slides (Colour/B&W) - all mounts
  • 35mm & Instamatic 126 Filmstrip Negatives/Positives (Colour/B&W)
  • 120 Medium format Slides
  • Photographic prints
  • Digital images

Scanning is offered at PROFESSIONAL level only:

Our PROFESSIONAL service we use high quality flat bed scanning equipment to scan your image to jpg file (or other format upon request). Each image is individually assessed during the scanning phase then lightly restored in post production. Toproduce a quality photo print resolution output file (1200 - 2880 dpi) we scan your slides at an image resolution 300 ppi. This results in a physical print size of approximately 6x4 inches. Our professional quality scanning equipment is capable of scanning up to a huge image resolution of 6400 ppi. If you wish to print larger format photo prints (eg 8x10inches) from your slides, we can scan at a higher rate upon request (extra charges will apply). Choose this option if you want the best quality from your slides.


DVD Slideshow Options:

An optional extra we can create a BASIC DVD slideshow from your scans, which includes simple transitions, our music backing track and basic menu. However, most computers these days come with software that will enable you to create and burn your own DVD slideshow using your jpg scans at home.

We also offer a DELUXE DVD slideshow option (detailed below) which is fully customisable to your requirements and priced upon application. In addition to your slideshow, you will recieve a copy of your high resolution scanned files in .jpg format on your DVD.


Common Slide formats :

The two common slide formats are 35mm and 126:


Kodak normally produced their 35mm slides with cardboard mounts. Agfacolor produced 35mm slides with plastic mounts.
The image size is 35mm by 24mm.




The 126 format was produced by Instamatic cameras popular in the late 1960's & 1970s. They have plastic mounts with the same outer dimension as the 35mm, but a different image size of 28mm by 28mm. These slides require additional adjustment during the scanning process and therefore attract a higher transfer fee (see pricing).




negatives on strip35mm Negatives:

For ease of scanning 35mm Negatives should be flat and still in their original filmstrip layout (generally 3-4 images per strip with sprocket holes).





other negativesAll other Negatives: If your negatives are in any other format, or without sprocket holes, they will require additional adjustment during the scanning process and therefore attract a higher transfer fee (see pricing).






DELUXE SLIDESHOW - inclusions:

slidesarrowedited by handarrowDVD caseDVD


Bonus Data Disk


  • Scanning from your originals using professional quality scanner.
  • Digital colour and dust correction of scanned images (*)
  • Images arranged in your specified order of sequence prior to scanning.
  • Each image is then edited into a smooth flowing sequence featuring cross-dissolve transition and gentle zoom/pan (Ken Burns’ effect).
  • Background music (royalty free) to fit length of DVD. Our deluxe backing tracks are tastefully selected to complement your DVD. 
  • Your DVD features an enhanced personalised opening menu, featuring your own images.
  • Multiple sequences can be run from opening Menu (where applicable).
  • Bonus print quality .jpg copy of scanned images supplied on a separate data CD/DVD.
  • DVD supplied in hard case with colour printed cover.



(*) We make every effort to ensure you receive a quality product. However the final results of your DVD are totally dependent on the original condition of your slides. Our basic service includes a basic clean of each slide prior to scanning.  However, slides that may be badly contaminated with mildew, or contain other physical damage, cannot be restored by physical cleaning alone. In such cases, we can offer digital restoration at an additional cost (upon request).

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